Friday, July 16, 2010

More Good Stuff on Doctrine

Just this week upon the heels of my last post on how we should handle doctrine John Piper gave some quick advice to the "new reformed" movement.

His advice boils down to the same thing Keller and Lloyd-Jones were saying in my previous post. As we grow to love theology and right thinking about God, we are in danger of loving thinking about God more than we love God. On the other hand, the pendulum too often swings the other way to the point where we disregard doctrine. In this case we end up worshipping a God of our imagine, rather than the true God as He has revealed Himself in scripture.

I'd encourage you to watch Piper's video and continue to grow with me in knowing God, not just knowing about God.

HT: Justin Taylor


  1. John's warnings and exhortations are just excellent. We Reformed people need to practice faith in both spirit and in truth and John has proven time and again (including here) how much of an honest broker he is for passing along to us the grace of God in the Gospel. Great thoughts. God bless.


  2. Thanks for your comment Brad. Right there with you brother!

    - Mike